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Members of the Board


Mary Holmes 

Chair of the Board

     Mary Holmes has had a varied business and consulting career since graduating from Harvard Business School in 1979. She has worked in manufacturing systems, created a business consulting firm in 1988 which conducts market research for non-profits and strategic planning for many organizations. She co-founded the North Union Farmers Market in 1995 and became a SAGES Fellow (part-time lecturer) at Case Western Reserve University in 2006. She is the leader of Slow Food Cleveland and advises the Slow Food on Campus chapter at Case Western Reserve University. She is a certified Master Gardener through the Ohio State University Extension Service.

     She has served on many non-profit boards since moving to Cleveland in 1990 focusing on music and the arts, including serving as Board President of Red {an orchestra} from its founding. In the spring of 2016, Mary completed a Gestalt Coaching course at the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland. The themes that run through this collection of interests are creativity, ability to make complicated ideas understandable, connecting the dots among seemingly distinct problems, and a love of learning.

Hannah Bidigare-Curtis

Vice Chair of the Board

Rachael Tweed

Creative Director

Hannah graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2015 and has since been farming, traveling, and generally pursuing her passions. As board member, Hannah hopes to delve deeper into the Cleveland food scene and encourage an even stronger sustainable food network throughout the city. She also hopes to make this chapter of the Slow Food movement a group that focuses on the needs of lower income communities. 

She works at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland as the manager of their horticulture program, which involves club members in outdoor learning and employs high school students to teach them job, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. This fall, Hannah will begin studies at Cornell for a Master's in Human-Environment Relations.

Rachael Tweed is a 27 year old graphic designer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She's working as the in-house designer for the Spice Companies and freelancing for Metro Health Hospitals. Having a formal background in fine art and currently earning a degree in graphic design from The Academy of Art University, she considers herself a creative professional. She brings a fresh eye to the world of design through ways of colliding her disciplines in traditional and digital media.


Rachael’s body of work is marked with her signature use of pattern work, simple iconography and thoughtful palettes. She has worked with both local galleries (SPACES, PopEye, Forum Art Space, etc.) and local publications (Edible Cleveland, J Style Magazine, and Cleveland Jewish News) and produced grant funded projects like “Rooms To Let” in Slavic Village. Outside of art, Rachael’s main hobby is cooking. With a strong love of experimenting, she calls her kitchen her second studio. She's super pumped to continue sharing and immersing herself in the Cleveland community!

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